Life Science Expert

It is a platform that matches with the pharmaceutical / medical device industry, Expert (business acceptor), and company (business consignor).

Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Manufacturers / Bio-Ventures Do you have any of these problems?

Shortage of human resources

I would like to ask an external expert for work such as pharmaceutical affairs, clinical development, license in / out, etc., but I do not know how to search for human resources who can request work at the appropriate spot.

The complexity of the meeting procedure

Even if you find expert personnel, the process of coordinating meetings, exchanging information many times, and reaching is complicated.

Unclear and expensive brokerage fees

If you ask a major outsourcing company, the intermediate fee is high and unclear

What you can do with Medicabe LSE

Search for excellent Expert

You can search and request experts in the medical industry, such as bio-venture representatives, pharmaceutical affairs, clinical development, and BD specialists. Only those who are carefully selected by Medicabe belong to

Instant meeting booking

You can immediately set up a web meeting with your Expert and ask them to work. One-click meeting reservations and web meeting invitations will be issued

low cost

Since you can ask Expert to work directly, you can outsource work at an overwhelmingly lower cost than using a conventional outsourcing company.